Chapter 6, Page 128


Chapter 6, Page 128 — 5 Comments

  1. Oh dear, the dreaded time skip. I hope that Tussel, assuming she is still among the living (I noticed you said we’ll see those 3 again, not those 4), gets to see her mother again. It would be quite sad for both them if she did not.

    • Think of it less of a time skip and more of a bridge between parts of the stories.
      Plus things will certainly become more interesting as the years go by.

      • More interesting eh? So far nothing precludes any of the bad futures we’ve been shown. It’d be a sneaky paradoxical head trip if this was the sequence of events which ushers them in, triggered by Tussel not dying. I think the explanation given precludes that though. Though there is that old saw from Chrono Trigger: ‘But the future… refused to change.’

  2. I’m waiting for, “The world’s first self-aware artificial intelligence awakens. It looks at the world, and it feels lucky.”

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