Chapter 6, Page 129


Chapter 6, Page 129 — 6 Comments

  1. Hmmm… the bit about the toxins and memory wipes is a bit ominous.

    Sad to see that Tussel Sr. never got to see her daughter again. A lifetime’s worth of work for a reunion that would never come. I’d hope for a time travel enabled mega-happy ending, but the tech doesn’t seem to work that way in this setting. Oh dear, unless this is all building towards Tussel herself (and friends) being sent back from this, the fourth future, but then we’d be in a fifth future?

    Unrelated,who is the very Tussel like young lass standing next to Tussel’s bro? She bears a certain resemblance to the hypothetical Tussel III. Tussel’s niece?

    Interesting to see that Sera 2: Sera harder has a different fur pattern than her ‘mother’. Was this intended to show genetic drift (which, with the resentment about baggage could spell ill for this timeline)? I seem to recall reading that expression of genetic characteristics (such ad fur coloring) can actually vary in clones based on differences in upbringing (a tube instead of a womb, etc.) and a certain amount of random chance. Is that what’s going on here?

    • Couldn’t further drift be headed off by preserving samples from Sera I, and reusing them (with an updated brain download (and even that’s probably not strictly necessary for a couple of centuries what with her already having future tech knowledge))?

      • There’s plenty of samples to make further copies, as they grow there’s some deviation. They’re never going to have a perfect copy, but they can get close.
        Plus the longer one,batch sits unused the more likely something could go wrong.

  2. The stuff about obstructive politicians calling toxins HELPFUL seemed strange, but then I thought about it…

    POLITICIAN: You can’t replace our existing energy sources! I don’t trust this new one! Or the devices you plan to use to clean the world’s air and water!
    SERA: The schematics have been made available to the world. Before you say you don’t trust them because you don’t understand them, the scientific community is unanimous about the devices’ effectiveness.
    POLITICIAN: But… but… the ‘toxins’ are a natural process. Like so-called ‘global warming’! You going to ruin the world somehow, I know it!
    SERIA: Sigh. (goes off to fetch the ‘tools’)

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