Chapter 6, Page 127


Chapter 6, Page 127 — 8 Comments

  1. The %chapter% issue appears to have struck again.

    Limbo appears to move at a brisk pace compared to the real world, probably something like a 24 – 30x multiple, if not greater. Which means that we should expect Tussel and co soon if we’re to continue on the real world, as time is awaisting in Limbo.

    The framing of page 44 lead me to believe that the Lady was observing from elsewhere (what with her body stopping halfway down). It seems that was not the case.

      • As was pointed out by the exposition bear shortly after their arrival, the longer you stay in Limbo, the harder it is to leave. Assuming that Limbo really is running at a faster time rate, the longer we observe events without Tussel in the real world, the less likely she is to escape. However, we weren’t given hard numbers on this, and Tussel is supposed to have beyond the impossible levels of paradox energy (that quality you need to flee limbo, apparently, which fades over time) so it’s an easy handwave.

    • Limbo is a separate universe with a separate timeline – this seems to be a case of Homestuckian ‘circumstantial simultaneity’.

      Also, the possibility of The Lady’s presence not being metaphorical did occur to me.

      • If we assume a completely seperate Universe with no linkage of any kind, the odds of the Lady ending up anywhere near the point of Tussel’s entry are mind bogglingly small. From a narrative standpoint, it’s less of a reach to assume some sort of correspondence beyween events until we’re shown otherwise (in my opinion at least).

        • I believe, since Sera used Tussel’s energy to open a gateway out the the gate could be attuned to Tussel’s particular time and place of existance.

          • Since Tussel and co. haven’t shown up, would that mean that they never escape? Or at least that their method of exit doesn’t rely on their paradox energies? If the energy sets the time and place of destination, we’d expect to see her at the same time as the lady?

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