Waylay Anew: Chapter 2, Page 35


Waylay Anew: Chapter 2, Page 35 — 5 Comments

  1. Rova: “The programming language is, as expected, a bunch of heuristics and algorithms for running the ship. There are, however, some truly inventive curses in the comments of the source code.”

    • I’ve had some inventive curses when editing old code.

      I once went to ask my boss who had written the code I was working on, because I wanted to ask some questions on what he had been thinking. (There were almost no comments.) My boss pointed to the code, and said, “He doesn’t work here anymore, and you’re looking at why.”

      • when i do code, i usually don’t add comments. but i also only do code for personal/private projects where i’m not likely to have anyone else working on it prior to its being finished.
        but i really should get in the habit of commenting, in case something gets put on hold and i forget what i was doing when i finally come back to the project.

        • Really, that’s the main reason I comment code. It’s so that I don’t forget why I did something.

          I had one case where I had about forty lines of comments for five lines of code, which basically boiled down to ‘this may look inefficient, but if you try to make it efficient by swapping two lines, it has a chance of not working’, with the rest of it detailing exactly WHY.

          (Multithreading and deadlock conditions are not fun things to work with.)

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