Waylay Anew: Chapter Three, Page 67


Waylay Anew: Chapter Three, Page 67 — 3 Comments

  1. In the end, the archive was discovered to contain the recipe to the Captain’s favorite kind of bread roll (or the mysterious alien equivalent), just like Grandma (or the mysterious alien equivalent) used to make.

  2. the data crystal within the canister contained over 4 terabytes of Brady Bunch fan-fiction. much of which had been written by the captain himself.
    also included on the crystal was a list of websites that catered to fans of cheese, 3 years worth of financial statements, and a letter of resignation directed to “The Bitch from HR no one likes”

    by an odd coincidence, due to a burgeoning niche market, the collection of original fanfics became worth a small fortune, and Countess was able to retire to a tropical paradise of her own design.
    she didn’t, but she could have, had she so desired.

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