Waylay Anew: Chapter Two, Page 53


Waylay Anew: Chapter Two, Page 53 — 6 Comments

  1. Is that a visual analogy for a GITS-Style 3D virtual maze encryption scheme, or is the tool itself the high tech equivalent of one of those maze toys with the ball bearings and the divots signifying start and goal?

    • Since I’ve been doing how she sees the ship’s system in negative, I thought it would be neat to draw it as a maze. 8)

  2. And now, of course, the laws of comedy state that a grocery list must be one of the things on there. Probably as a ‘note to self’ during recording of the ship’s log or something like that.

    … Actually, we could go one better. That wasn’t the captain, that was the quartermaster, and the encrypted data was the supplies for the entire operation. Logistics is the key to warfare, and you could say a lot of logistics is basically glorified grocery lists.

    Am I overthinking this?

      • Oh, do I know how THAT goes…

        “Okay, so in the climactic battle, the mage is killed, the ‘controlled servant’ goes on a rampage of revenge… now how did the two of them fall in love enough for that reaction to make sense?”

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