Chapter 6, Page 132


Chapter 6, Page 132 — 2 Comments

  1. The aquatic portal to an eldritch realm wouldn’t have anything to do with Sera IV’s transdimensional portal experiments, would it?

    The launch of a generation ship is interesting. I would have assumed with tech like portals and time travel she’d wait until they had an FTL solution. I guess we can assume that one isn’t discovered by the 24th century? Otherwise those colonists are going to end up Rip Van Winkled when they get wind up at their intended planet, only to find that other colonists beat them there by a couple centuries.

    On an unrelated note, I really liked the designs for Sera V and Sera VI.

    • They have FTL at this point, but even then there’s lengthy distances to travel. they’re using a generational ship design as something that can also be used to colonize once they find a suitable planet.
      sure they could find the perfect place to settle down in just a few years, but to be on the safe side they’re going in something that can maintain itself.

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