Chapter 6, Page 131


Chapter 6, Page 131 — 10 Comments

  1. Did the war against the time Nazis lead to Linna’s future?

    What was Sera III’s fate? Old age? While her progenitor worked until the end, I wonder if she’d eventually start retiring after some number of years served, passing the reins on to the next. Hard to imagine what the Lady would do while retired, now that I think about. Previous evidence suggests she’d amass an army of drones and plot to conquer reality.

    • Nothing terribly dramatic. I imagine giving how she reacted to the memories of the Second’s death that she would have retired at some point, maybe even while not that old. Thus trying to escape having something like that happen to her.

          • You may have and Patreon is just undergoing technical weirdness. The email notification for 131 displays the appropriate preview but appears to be linking to the Seras bonus image; so something is borked somewhere.

  2. Also, the Nazis in Limbo had their own entire Earth. I’m guessing that the enitre Earth was their time machine and they were either from an averted future or a completely separate alternate timeline.

    • Or maybe the Nazi Earth is something they took over when arriving in Limbo… or something else we’ll never know!

  3. And by ‘averted’ I meant that, just like Tussel’s three time-traveling friends, the Nazi’s would have prevented themselves and their Nazi-Earth from ever existing. Just like in Meet the Robinsons, where a villain gets un-existed with the simple phrase, “I will NEVER invent you.”

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