Chapter 5, Page 104


Chapter 5, Page 104 — 3 Comments

  1. The Lady isn’t much one to talk. If her backstory is to be believed, she had a plethora of doomed timelines result in spite of / because of her actions. Tussel is only incidentally implicated (so far) in three (also so far).

    • True, but she’s only worked on her own, tweaking it each time. Tussel shattered her breaking it into four separate timelines.

      Wait, did I say four? I totally mean three… just three. And no more…

      • We should hope there’s at least a fourth timeline; otherwise Tussel and Co will have some hard choices come the end as to which dystopia they’d prefer to end up with.

        I suppose it all comes down to the temporal mechanics of the setting. If the Lady’s iterative tweaking resulted in only one timeline at any one point, then time travel would appear to be destructive. Going back in effect destroys your future back to the point you travel to (unless you’re in a predestination loop). If that’s the case, then it’ll be interesting to see what Tussel pulls to achieve the multiple futures.

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