Chapter 5, Page 103


Chapter 5, Page 103 — 4 Comments

  1. Off hand I’d guess that her last bit of tinkering kept the loop from propagating. She created a future which, for whatever reason, didn’t include her coming back to affect further changes, thus paradoxing herself and the multiple futures she’d created out of existence. Even once she created her utopia, she would have needed to set a stable loop in place in which she always came back to tell her younger self the necessary information to create the Utopia.

    Interesting to see that some of the Lady’s alternate timelines sort of resemble those of Tussel and Co. She was aiming for a Utopia (Corvus), panel 2 resembles Tiber’s, and panel 3 Linna’s.

    Also, given the battle damage we’ve seen on the Lady thus far, the shattering effect may not just be a visual motif. We still don’t know why her stature differs so much though.

    • Well the stature can be explained in that we’ve seen her at 12, and the other version reached 60.
      We’re most familiar with the version in her 30’s that’s certainly modified herself.

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