Chapter 4, Page 95


Chapter 4, Page 95 — 2 Comments

  1. Some possible edits on this page: “I willing betrayed” should probably be “I willingly betrayed”; “to come here as to not” might be “to come here so as to not”.

    A number of interesting things here. The effect of Tiber’s device was intentional, which implies that the Iron Mother, at least, is aware of Limbo and it’s nature. If you were going to subvert your own timeline, and wanted to survive the critical existence failure which would result; there are worse things you could do then enter Limbo, especially if you had the tech to get yourself into and out of it.

    Speaking of the Iron Mother, we finally get more of a view of her. Apparently she leads from a craft in orbit. I wonder what the significance of the lines running into her shoulders is. Tubes might imply she’s organic, or at least has organic parts. Cables would lend themselves to a interface with other systems.

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