Chapter 4, Page 94


Chapter 4, Page 94 — 3 Comments

  1. Well, this makes explicit a lot that has been implied thus far. It also raises some questions.
    The cast page tells us that Linna’s father worked on frozen future’s time machine. This would imply that he, in turn, allowed his sons to starve themselves for his daughters benefit?
    Also, it’s curious that no one else appears to have come back from the frozen future. They had enough juice to run the machine multiple times, and had clearly planned to send someone else back. The fact that Linna jumped back shouldn’t have prevented another frozen future traveller, unless her presence in the past prevents her own timeline from coming about?

    • The issue is power. They had enough to send one person back as a last ditch hope to save their time.

      Plus there is the possibility that once Linna goes back their timeline stops.


      • Heh. In ‘Thrice Upon A Time’ by James P. Hogan, after the scientists working on the time machine (actually only a time email system, no physical objects going back and the machine had to be on at the other end) determined that sending a message back to change the past did recreate the timeline from that point forward, they set it up to pick a random point where it hadn’t received any messages, then start sending lots of consecutive messages rapid-fire back… by the number of messages that actually got received from the timeline that no longer existed, they could figure out how fast the transformation wavefront swept forward through time.

        Hogan was trained as an engineer, he tended to think of things like that.

        (Of course, Hogan also became a Velikovskyite later on. Being an engineer is no defence against being outright stupidly wrong and being intelligent can just mean you’re better at convincing yourself otherwise.)

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