Chapter 4, Page 79


Chapter 4, Page 79 — 3 Comments

  1. Hmm, I wonder if she controls the ship or if the ship just happens to be in territory she claims.

    If we assume that the siren and Dr. Ghoti are roughly evenly matched (he’s been keeping her in check), and Dr. Ghoti is unable to reproduce 24th century tech (implying that it is beyond him and thus beyond the Siren).

    For the ship to have a power supply that can be used with Tiber’s device, we could assume that it comes from a variant of his future (unless some event typically introduces a fuel source by the 24th century across many baseline realities). If it is from a “Tiberian” future, the ship probably had defenses and carried armed troops, who might have been able to fight off the Siren’s attempts to claim its contents.

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