Chapter 4, Page 78


Chapter 4, Page 78 — 2 Comments

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s not intended, but from a certain viewpoint the implications of the nature of life in the Limbo are pretty terrifying.

    From the description, it sounds like cellular metabolism isn’t happening, and people are being powered by …something. But that in turn would imply that while you can die in Limbo, nothing short of a brain destruction is going to put you down. Most other methods of death work by depriving the brain of oxygen. But the brain only needs oxygen to continue metabolism. So, if decapitated, you’d be stuck as a sentient head unable to speak.

    I’m pretty sure I’m overthinking it (In the words of the prophets, “Repeat to yourself it’s just a show, I should really just relax…”), and it’s the magic of the setting making things act the way we’re told they work.

    • I think it’s a mix of existance and non. People there sleep because they feel they need to. The same can go for eating although they might never be hungry.
      If you body is broken you die, but if someone has a bunch of nanotech in their blood they’ll recover just fine.
      Fortunately Limbo exists outside the standard physical laws so i’ve got some flexability for the sake of the story.

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