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Chapter 4, Page 74 — 8 Comments

  1. Potential grammar issue:
    “Something tells me this story only GETS more so.” or “Something tells me this story WILL only get more so.”

    The same buildings have represented the time periods, the buildings differing in each. Are the buildings themselves relevant? That is to say, is there something special about that structure that places it in all three times?

    Also, the Abs of August have me wondering, is that Tussel’s calendar?

    • Yeah, that’s totally her calendar. She keeps it right by her bed… so she can always tell the date I assume.

      As for the buildings, I like having them flow between the timelines showing how they’re different in each future.

      • I feel like there’s an off color joke in there somewhere to the effect of a women with a washboard chest being attracted to men with washboard abs.

  2. Hmm. My first guess is, of course, that the girl’s 2014 is at or near the point of diversion for the three timelines that resulted in the differing 2303s.

    It’s clear that I’ve stumbled upon a story perhaps even bigger than any I was ever involved in, and I lived in a… what was it they called it again? Ah yes; an open-air insane asylum. In a way, I hope for the sake of my continued lack of bias in the matter – either way it may fall – that their shared world is noticeably different to my own; more Americas and Europe, for example, and less Kwijybo.

    On that note, a fellow Limboian once asked me why my old continent’s name was a TV show reference. I refuse to consider that anything other than a coincidence, if only out of sheer cowardice.

    • It’s not the size of the story that matters, it’s the characters within it!
      Besides, you are involved, so even if it’s bigger than your past experiences you’re important to this one.

      • Yes, this new role is refreshing… not antagonist or protagonist, but teacher and guide. Not even that one thing such characters sometimes (at minumum) do in stories troubles me. You know. Die. Such a death would not be anyone’s success or failure, but simply… how things work.

        Well, maybe it troubles me a little. My helmet could get smashed and my final moments could be spent flopping about helplessly. That would be extremely unpleasant.

        • Do you know how much people would hate me if I brought you back only to kill you?
          I assure you, you are safe! Safe-ish at least.


          • …Please do not tell me you are God. Or that you are not. Both of the ideas of the existence and nonexistence of one or more sentient creator-entities are extremely troubling but if I have no proof of either, neither seems real or worth the worry. In short, this is one (as they say in some worlds) ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’ I do NOT want to let out of its box.

            Hmm. That term could easily apply to that catgirl, with her connection to her world’s multiple futures. And yes, I am aware, thanks to books and documents that landed here in Limbo, that Erwin Schrodinger intended that thought experiment as a critique, not an example, of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. But then, when has reality ever cared about any of our expectations?

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