Chapter 4, Page 73


Chapter 4, Page 73 — 5 Comments

  1. Yo squid, I heard you like mecha, so I put a fish in your mecha in another mecha… Dr. Ghoti is like a sinister Matroyshka doll.

    I wonder why he decided to stay in Limbo. Did he run out of paradox juice, or just decide that functional immortality made a nice retirement?

    • LOL!
      And by the time he understood what was going on he was stuck, and unwilling to do what it takes to extract paradox energy from newcomers.

      • Indeed. In the throes of blinding violent passion, demolishing a city block does not feel like murder. It feels like an act taken against something much larger. But ripping something out from within a single sentient being is much more difficult to rationalize.

        I once toyed with the idea of automating the process, such that I would not have to think about it. But I still needed to design the required equipment, and thus I found myself staring at a blueprint for a roughly person-shaped extraction pod. A blueprint now long screwed up and thrown away.

        Perhaps I am going soft. Or perhaps… I have not lost, but gained.

  2. It would appear that the documents chronicling my homeworld are lost, or close enough (can anything truly be lost on the internet?). But… that feels right, in a way. After all, I now reside in a place for lost things.

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