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  1. The sweaters are the same … and yet so different.

    More seriously: Aw… she really does care. A shame she’s hanging out with Creepy McSmilestoomuch.

      • It’s almost certainly the figure from the cover of chapter 3. As I commented there, aesthetically it does resemble the Iron Mother. Given the framing of that image, and the fact that it’s here smiling, presumably after telling a mother that her daughter is likely dead, I’m going to guess that it’s antagonistic. (Thanks to sneaking a peek at the character page, we even have a name for the figure now: The Lady) This does not preclude it being related to the Iron Mother, of course, although her imagery has been less ominous. (I actually am entertaining the notion that Tessel Sr. serves as the basis for whatever will eventually become the Iron Mother (it would make the Iron Mother’s name a bit of a double entendre)).

          • From your choice of words, I imagine you have something else planned; but if not, by all means, steal away.

          • Well as is there’s no connection between the Iron Mother and Tessa Sr. That would be cool, but I’m not sure why she’d be used.

          • Well, it is after all your sandbox, so please take anything I might suggest with a hefty grain of salt:
            Tiber commented that Tessa Sr. is credited with halting the initial Martian advance.

            Perhaps it was felt that losing that sort of strategic expertise was not acceptable, and so she was uploaded / had an AI modeled after her. Advances made using scavenged martian tech could hand wave away the technological gap. As the war continued, whatever computer was created in her image continued to develop and iterate until it became the Iron Mother. (see for example: HALO’s Cortana and Dr. Halsey)

            Alternatively, many weapons systems are named after famous Generals (See for example the Bradley fighting vehicle, the M1 Abrams tank, etc.) Perhaps years after Tessa Sr.’s success with the Martians, a Warmind (or equivalent autonomous defense system) project was undertaken by Terran military forces. To honor the great general, certain aspects were modeled after her, and the programmers ran with it. When the project achieved sentience, and became the Iron Mother (or it’s precursor), it chose to craft its image after the project’s “inspiration”. (see for example, Atomic Robo’s ALAN)

            And so on.

  2. Coming from a writer’s perspective, I’d be thinking that all three of them were sent back for the same reason — make sure “The Anomaly” happens so their future comes about. They may /think/ they’re to stop it, but do any of them have a full understanding of the situation?

    Furthermore, Tussel could be the focus of the future, but removing her might be exactly the wrong thing. What if everything could have been fixed if they’d kept her alive and let her alone?

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