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  1. Hmm… based solely on aesthetics, our new friend sort of resembles “The Iron Mother”. It was also Tiber’s device which presumably prompted the newest set of plot twists. I can’t help but feel that Brother Moon is involved somehow, though.

  2. Wonder if anyone else realizes that Tiber’s device could very well have just caused the temporal whammy that all three of our time travelers sought to avoid in the first place? THIS is why you don’t muck with the past, as it royally screws up your future. >.> Unless you WANT your future to happen, in which case, you need to muck away…augh this is why I don’t get involved in time distortions and travels! Too much headache to figure out.

    • Personally I love temporal paradoxes. So much narrative potential.
      If the activation of Tiber’s device did cause Tussel to become the distortion (as the author is perhaps hinting), we’re in classic predestination paradox mode, although with the odd twist that it had three possible outcomes rather than just one.
      But that’s the wonderful thing about time travel fiction, because it doesn’t have to be a predestination paradox. Imagine the following sequence of events:
      Timeline A: No time travelers come back. Life proceeds uninterrupted. Tussel does whatever it is she’s going to do. Martians invade. Earth slowly looses the war. Tiber gets sent back.
      Timeline B: Tiber does whatever he feels needs to happen with Tussel, then helps prepare Earth for the Martian invasion. Properly prepared humanity curb stomps the Martians. With the war over though, there is no longer a common threat, and nation turns against nation (but now with massively more effective weaponry). This results in an ecological catastrophe, and a decades long winter sets in. Linna gets sent back.
      Timeline C: Tiber and Linna deal with Tussel (probably a bit more gently then in Timeline B), then go about trying to stave off their futures. Earth is prepared for the war with Mars, and a system is put in place to forcibly keep Earth united. The Martians are repelled, and the system works, but it works too well. Brother Moon sees all, controls all. Corvus gets sent back.
      Timeline D: The comic takes place. Either the future created here does not need saving (so another time traveller is not sent back), or in the future created time travel is never invented (for example, if the world is destroyed before it can happen).
      And so on.

      • Timbeline E: Everyone just died so now I need to make a new comic… I’ll see if Lola’s got some free time.

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