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    • Well that comic takes place a week ahead of when my story takes place.
      Whether she really is dead or not, only time will tell.


  1. Probably just me, but on learning that Tussel has a brother, all I could think of was Darth Vader’s “Sister?! So you have a twin sister!”

    Unrelated, but it’s interesting to remark on this divide from the Misty the Mouse continuity, in that it throws an interesting wrench into Wayfarer’s temporal mechanics.

    If Tussel’s role as the distortion is unique, then the current Misty continuity would appear to take place in one of the three (or more) “doomed” timelines that result from her actions (in this case being hit by a car and passing away). If that’s the case then, notably, Tiber’s plan to solve the problems of the distortion by killing her won’t work. Her death via the bomb would presumably spawn a timeline very similar to the one Misty finds itself in.

    If Tussel’s role as the distortion is not unique, then it looks like a many worlds multiverse. Coin flips (well… quantum events) result in a universe in which it landed heads, and a universe in which it landed tails, etc. If that is the case, then the “present” should be hip deep in time travelers (each trying to prevent their version of the distortion from causing their doomed future). Even if we assume that Tussel is a special case thanks to Matilda’s meddling, she’s unlikely to be alone in cheating death in that manner.

    None of this speculation actually means anything of course, but it’s fun to do.

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