Chapter 2, Page 32


Chapter 2, Page 32 — 6 Comments

  1. Tessel’s mother’s rank wouldn’t be a Dr. Who reference, would it?

    It’s interesting that Tessel’s proportions appear to differ so much from her mother’s. During Tessel Sr.’s brief cameo on page 8, it wasn’t apparent. Sort of makes one wonder what her father looked like.

    • Because that’s where Whitney is right now.
      Which takes place in the future of this comic. Our timelines don’t quite match up yet.

      • I just now became aware of this via the advertisement on FA. I’m guessing that means there are several webcomics, each with a different timeline, and this one, Wayfarer 1805, ties them together? (and if so, could I please either have a link to them, or their names so I can at least search them myself? Really good story right here so far, and I enjoy reading.)

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