Waypoint: Chapter 1, Page 19


Waypoint: Chapter 1, Page 19 — 5 Comments

    • Perhaps she doesn’t like being referred to as a delicate flower?
      I know a few women (who are very much not “wall of meat” body types) that would be angry had I called them “delicate flowers” and insinuated that they couldn’t or shouldn’t fight.
      Then again, I tend to hang out with biker/metal-head/martial artist type women.

      • She’s been frowning since she first appeared, so it’s probably unrelated to what anyone said.

        My initial assumption was caused by the juxtaposition of Miss Lilly looking downward and in the direction of Xani. From that I took that Miss Lilly might have taken exception to Xani’s earlier statement. However, Xani is behind Miss Lilly, and so Miss Lilly is probably simply looking downcast.

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