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  1. Does Nori have the hoodies in continuity as well, or just the sweater?

    Regardless of how the rest of the night goes, so far her choice of attire is paying off.

      • To me, it seems like it sort of depends on the reason behind the sweater’s effect, and how Nori got hold of it.

        If it’s a, for lack of a better term, random magical item that Nori just happened to pick up somewhere, than having Hoodies that do something similar wouldn’t make much sense, unless she’d found all of them at roughly the same time (thrift shop of horrors?). It took Belle by surprise, so clothes of holding probably aren’t a Sera brand Tussel initiative product, or at least not a very well known one. If Nori got the shirt from say, a relative (grandmother?) who happens to be a mage of some kind, than it might make more sense for her to own several different items with a similar effect. Although, it does make one wonder, given how often Nori appears to make a move on her customers, why does she bother with the duck shirt, etc. when on the job?

        • It does make more sense if she’s just got the one. Thanks for all the input. I will certainly keep that in mind. As for her wearing it, sometimes it’s just easier to do her day to day work stuff without her chest being in the way.

          • On a truly meta note, her having the hoodies lets her “do her thing” without you having to draw the duck shirt again.

          • She could just be wearing the hoodie over the duck sweater if it’s cold enough.

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