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      • In which Richard Pryor plays Brewster, a character whose distant relation leaves him $300 million in his will so long as he can spend, while under a certain set of rules, $30 million in 30 days. The goal was supposedly to desensitize him by overexposure, such that he wouldn’t be “ruined” by the gift.
        Ironically, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it, but I recall the plot.

      • I’ve seen it. Yeah, the distant relation in question said that when HIS father had caught him smoking, he got locked in a closet with a box of cigars and wasn’t let out until they were all gone. When he got out, he never wanted to see another cigar again as long as he lived.

        So the theory was that by forcing him to spend that much money, he’d get it out of his system and know better how to handle the rest of it. Of course, one of the constraints was that he couldn’t TELL anybody else what he was doing…

        Silly excuse plot, but was a pretty well done movie. One of Pryor’s better ones in my mind; he did a good job of ‘ordinary but moderately clever schlub caught in a whirlwind situation’.

        (Actually, Pryor’s version was just the most recent movie adaptation… the original 1902 novel was made into a movie five other times between 1914 and 1945.)

          • I don’t know what the most-remade movie is, but Brewster’s Millions is probably pretty high on the list. If you count the Tamil-language remake, there are actually eight versions of the film. (The specifics of the cigar description may be unique to the Pryor version.) The 1926 version even had with a female lead, so sex-swapping leads in remakes isn’t new either.

  1. Her dad was hung like a horse? Well, I guess that would explain any perpetual silly satisfied grin and bow legged walk Abbey’s mom may have had. I wouldn’t be surprised if her parents bedroom was sound proofed. What a way to make an impact on your kid. The conversation she had with Dr. Omnious was really, really casual. Is Dumpling Abbey and Omnious’s daughter?

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