Wayfarer Rendezvous: Page 127


Wayfarer Rendezvous: Page 127 — 4 Comments

  1. Dumpling, you home-wrecker (assuming the highly dysfunctional pairing of Abyssal Prime and Ominous was some sort of home). You just want a step mother you’d be taller than.

    • Pretty sure Ominous is still sticking to the advice of Etna and not validating what his penis tells him Re: Abyssal.

      But Belle has a boyfriend, and she clearly likes him a lot. She took her current job with stipulations to help Hicks get back on his feet.

      • Abyssal’s highly suspect recursive cloning escape strategy may eventually yield a version of herself which Etna might actually approve of. Whether such a clone would still want Ominous is an open question.

        Belle did more than just take a job, I seem to recall. She punched Death in the face, I think.

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