Wayfarer Rendezvous: Page 100


Wayfarer Rendezvous: Page 100 — 6 Comments

  1. Given the wideness of Shark Daddy’s eyes, I’m left uncertain if he’s happy about the thought of reconnecting with Nana Bloodwake, or terrified of what Belle might do to him if he hurts Nori.

    • Happy. Belle has yet to appear threatening. WE know she is, but he’s big, strong, not very experienced, and has only seen her get knocked around so far.

      If I’m reading the potentialities right she would have gotten up and torn him to shreds, but only AFTER Nori got super-murdered. Hence Dr. O’s intervention.

  2. Of course, the great problem of dealing with anybody who can time travel or see the future… it ties any sort of justifications for events up in knots.

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