Wayfarer Remix: Prologue, Page 07


Wayfarer Remix: Prologue, Page 07 — 4 Comments

  1. There exists no stain deep enough that Ms. Lily can’t scrub it out.

    Although give her companionship issues, I have to wonder if that doesn’t mean that the Cap’n isn’t lurking about somewhere. Or wonder who else she’s taken up with.

      • Some suggestions of questionable quality:
        The Iron Mother (similar physique, probably at least as long lived as she is) as a roommate would somewhat mirror her relationship with Tempest.
        Her previous relationship with Cap’n was centered largely around him being willing to respect her chosen way of life (so basic decency really, despite his… Cap’n…ness). Muffin seemed a decent sort. Hicks as well.
        Or go in a completely different direction. Her previous relationships seemed strictly platonic. Maybe someone who tries to be a good roommate but pines after her in a way that Ms. Lily might not necessarily return(Nori, Miggi). Or reverse the situation, if Ms. Lily was interested in a relationship that wasn’t strictly platonic, who might she fancy? (Hard to suggest anyone there since I don’t know that we’ve seen much indication of her type. She did seem to fancy things that were small and cute. (Of course, given her size, relatively speaking that’d be most people) Karl, Corvus, Queen Scione?)

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