Waylay anew: Epilogues, Page 142


Waylay anew: Epilogues, Page 142 — 6 Comments

    • I did think about it, and when I first started drawing it, they had helmets.

      While I fault people in the latter Alien movie series for not wearing helmets, I decided not to go with helmets in this instance so you could see people’s faces. It is an often goofy comic series, after all.

      • Ironically,I believe this is why the later Alien’s movies also didn’t wear them. That is to say, they were movies, and the directors wanted people to be able to see the actor’s faces.

          • Yep.

            If we want to keep nerding out, back in ye olden days this was a problem for men on the battlefield. You needed a helmet for obvious reasons but needed people to recognize you (if you were the commander) so everyone else would know who to follow. The compromise solution that they figured out was ornate helmets that got bigger and more impressive as time (and neck strain) went on. It could also extend to the rest of the armor and (at least in The East) the famous “Back Banners” which were just flags strapped to your butt.

            Anyway, I am choosing the headcanon that a while back Creepy went through a “sexy military porn” phase and invented energy-shield/gravity-control based helmets that were superior to anything solid-state that currently existed specifically so there could be a porno with helmetless actors getting it on.

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