Waylay Anew: Epilogues, Page 136


Waylay Anew: Epilogues, Page 136 — 9 Comments

      • Priest-caste celibacy only comes into play if the religion is having problems with papal dynasties (which doesn’t seem likely for the widely-accepted and fairly-pragmatic Oonash-toophanianism) or major sexual dysfunctions/obsessions when the rules are being written (also seems unlikely).

        It’s honestly quite rare within Terran history, the main reason we even think of it is the Roman Catholic Church “won the lottery” of being the largest surviving power base during the fall of the Western Roman Empire and capitalizing on that power.

          • I mean, I was just using the question to segue into asking if Lakkat ever hooks up with Sister Wet T-shirt contest participant as she’s the only other Toophan (to whom she is not related) we’ve really seen her interacting with over the course of the story, and this page suggests they’d probably travel in the same circles in the future.

          • I would not be surprised if they had some interesting adventures!

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