Wayfarer Invasion: Chapter 4, Page 52


Wayfarer Invasion: Chapter 4, Page 52 — 5 Comments

  1. Presumably Ooomp will leave Limbo when Captain Stuart gets out.

    Will he try to send anything back once he does?

  2. Suwwis: “Klavak, something appeared in the lab overnight! Maybe Ooomp didn’t die horribly after all.”
    Klavak: “What is it?”
    Suwwis: “It looks like a note. ‘When will then be now? Soon!'” That’s it. That’s all it says.”
    Klavak: “WTF?”

    • Either that or a picture of him sitting in a bar in Limbo with the weird background behind him, and a postcard that says, “Screw you, I’m staying here.”

      Though I suppose “Wish you were here… instead of me.” works as well.

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