Wayfarer Invasion: Chapter 4, Page 45


Wayfarer Invasion: Chapter 4, Page 45 — 2 Comments

  1. Hmm… twin circles might refer to the two planets involved at this point.
    Or, we could have some sort of Back To The Future 2 esque dual timeline structure running here. One in which Ooomp is absent for events, and one in which he comes back.
    Not sure who THEY are. I’m guessing it’s the something horrible that’s sitting in Limbo looking for a way out that was hinted at in After: Ristoc. The Queen’s of light might be the Seras. Or maybe some Buxom Gals got caught in Limbo at some point.
    Let’s see, who do we know is in Limbo? World where Germany won WWII. Time Traveling Germans from WWII (though they aren’t there yet, not that continuity means much when Limbo is in play). Dr. Ghoti. Probably at least a few people from a Tiber like future (there was the crashed ship, and the limbo grenade). The epilogue hinted at an Elder God lurking about, which is certainly a horrible thing.

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