Waylay Anew: Chapter Four, Page 102


Waylay Anew: Chapter Four, Page 102 — 4 Comments

  1. Tempest could always get up to some action. She’s built to survive it too.
    Mind you, her current choice of profession doesn’t seem particularly conducive to it, but where there’s a potentially manipulative AI there’s a way.

    • I would like for whatever happens next to make sense. After all, Xani’s past experience got her roped into this one. A third story might not be practical. I think about some movie series and how ridiculous they can become. Granted my stuff can be silly, but I want things to make sense within the world.

      • Speaking solely as a reader, I can think of a number of hooks to get Xani back into a similar situation, if that’s the way you wanted things to go.

        She’s strongly motivated by family, and thus probably close friends. A distress call from Killo / Jahla seems the most obvious third story plot. Maybe tie it into the mystery of the Dara-Groon queen.

        Alternatively, assuming Rova’s willing / forced by her programming into the long game, she could manipulate events such that Tempest / Panna were placed in distress in a situation where Rova would be useful.
        Or Rova could start firing messages off into the void hoping to draw down more double aliens (the ship they are on seems to imply that whatever race used to own it is still a relatively recent thing, and she has been mucking about in their CPU, perhaps she picked up some communication protocols), or… etc. Rogue AI opens a lot of narrative doors.

        Regardless, I look forward to whatever your next story is.

        • Thank you for the suggestions!
          I’m not sure what my next story will be. I’ve got two in mind, and both of them are about dating. One is with Nora (hoodie pig) and the other is that Yuri gal I came up with while on vacation a while back.

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