Chapter 6, Page 138


Chapter 6, Page 138 — 6 Comments

  1. Hmm… interesting that Sera VIII says ‘our’ world. It is, of course, hers. But it wasn’t Sera I’s. The fate of Sera I’s world is still quite up in the air.

    That’s an odd vial she’s collected from Tussel’s… I want to say, sarcophagus? It seems Paradox juice may in fact be a… juice? Some of it seems to be missing, presumably from Sera I’s dramatic exit into Tussel’s home reality.

    Bit of an odd choice of phrase to say that she will ‘repay’ Tussel. Tussel, it might be said, paid her life to free the Siren. She did this to save her world. The Siren has spent 7 lifetimes saving it, and may spend who knows how many more. That debt would seem to have been paid. One can only assume that a more direct form of repayment is being specified, but I’m guessing we’ll have to wait for the next few pages to find out what.

    • While she has kept her side of the bargain and save their world all the Seras have certainly benifitted from Tussel’s sacrifice.
      Prehaps Sera the Ninth would like to give her a little something more in thanks.
      Also, the stuff in the tube is a vial of blood collected before her energy was extracted.

      • Hmm… a vial of blood would presumably let her create a clone, but it seemed like she’d ruled that out earlier. Alternatively, using similar techniques she could use it to generate an offspring, which is… mildly creepy but might give us the long heralded Tussel III?

          • One wonders what sort of drift Clone Tussel might under go. Her mother’s genes are in there somewhere.

            Still I’m surprised that she just arranged for a blood sample. I guess what it really comes down to is how much of Tussel needed to be consumed to extract enough Paradox juice to free Sera, and also the tech she had on hand. If only a portion was needed, Tussel could have, for example, (and I know this is grisly, but probably still preferrable to death) had a limb or limbs removed and the energy drained from them. From her point of view she’d be without them only a short time in Limbo, before Sera’s return and replacements were fitted. She could in fact have spent the whole time unconscious. Taking it to the extreme, Tussel’s head (or even brain) could have been removed and frozen, and then installed into a clone body after Sera came back (this would have requied more tech to be on hand in the first place). Assuming that Sera managed to take a brain scan first, the point is rendered moot; other than the philosophical argument regarding whether or not a clone is the same person,etc. etc.

  2. I thought about that after everything had already been written out leaving me scrambling for an answer.
    The best I could come up with is if someone’s body is hacked open or apart maybe their energy leaves them at a fast rate.

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