Chapter 5, Page 123


Chapter 5, Page 123 — 9 Comments

  1. It’s an interesting conundrum that Tussel finds herself in. If Corvus is correct, then she’s already failed to save the future. She didn’t die, and that fractured time, and no one saved the future when it needed saving.

    The Siren has access to time travel tech. She could, once back in the real world, go back and kill Tussel. Since Tussel Prime would still be in Limbo, she probably wouldn’t cease to exist. She could then pop back into the real world after her own death (in a sense, surviving her own death) saves the future and continue living her life.

    The obvious question would be how she’d get back after using the device to send the Lady. Perhaps that ship they were originally going to visit has tech they could use. Dr. Ghotti might figure something out?

    • The problem there is the Siren has already paradoxed herself into limbo, so killing Tussel before she enters limbo could be incredibly bad for her. Maybe she’d end up in Super
      Double Limbo!

      • Presumably, each entry into Limbo has to end the chain of causality. Otherwise no one (who ended up there because of paradox) would ever be able to get out. To demonstrate, let’s assume that causality persists through Limbo. Subject A manages to paradox herself into Limbo. Once inside, she’s lucky enough to find a way out, and she ends up back in the real world. However, she still shouldn’t exist because of the events which initially paradoxed her into Limbo. She immediately finds herself back in Limbo.

        I’m just spitballing of course (because I love fictional paradoxes).

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