Chapter 5, Page 115


Chapter 5, Page 115 — 3 Comments

  1. Given the sheer number of temporal shenanigans going on, it’s amazing she can say that with any conviction. At the moment, all she can say with confidence is that a world might have ended because of her. And really, the same could be said of most folks.

      • Sure, but the situation she’s in would seem to preclude it. If she gets paradrained here, she can’t end the world. If anything she should be wary about escaping, because going home gives her the chance to end the world. I suppose we could go for the metaphorical sense, her staying lets her end the world by enabling the Lady to do it (assuming the Lady even wanted to escape to Tussels world and not simply keep messing with her own). But then she doesn’t die of heart failure as the assistant manager of a book store, which demonstrates that the futures she has been told are not fate, and thus she’s not necessarily going to end the world. One of the people telling her she’s going to destroy the world (the Lady) gave personal anecdotes about using information from the future to change the course of events while preparing to deprive her (Tussel) of the vital energies she would presumably need to do it(destroy the world) (Tiber ruled out her being patient zero of a zombie apocalypse).

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