Chapter 4, Page 98


Chapter 4, Page 98 — 8 Comments

  1. There’s the old trope, too kinky to torture. This appears to be a case of too willing to talk to interrogate.

    Or… Corvus could be stalling. History indicates that the story about the oranges takes roughly 47 minutes to tell. Corvus is also, despite his seeming denseness, familiar with the concept of threats (they are probably worth a lot of demerits). Could he be more perceptive than he lets on?

    • Here’s the thing Linna and Tiber were sent to stop the events that lead to their respective timelines but there is no intuitive reason for the Guardian Moon to sabotage itself I think he may have been sent back to make things worse like maybe he was sent back by some sort of cult devoted to The Lady.

        • It’s still somewhat uncertain as to why Goo… I mean the Old Machine sent Corvus back, of all people. It had other minions. If killing with kindness were an actual thing, Corvus would be death on legs. Since it remains just an idiom, what the OM thought Corvus would do remains unclear. It didn’t even bother to give Corvus a concrete explanation of his goals. I suppose he could just be a vector for infectious nyanotech, and microbots are meant to keep Tussel from doing whatever leads to the Guardian Moon. In that case, he’d just need to be affable enough to get close enough to spread the infection. A task he’d be quite suited for actually…

          • The Guadian Moon keeps an unblinking eye on all those living under hid care.
            However the dead are no long it’s concern. So the Old Machine took what it could to work with.

          • What about the shrouded figures on page 2? It looks like they’re standing next to the OM, or do they work for the GM?

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