Chapter 4, Page 92


Chapter 4, Page 92 — 2 Comments

  1. Kindri’s choice of reference to Dr. Ghoti is oddly respectful for a subservient drone who does little but what her mistress tells her, given that the mistress is herself dismissive of the Doctor. Could Ghoti have a woman on the inside? If he did know that the she knew what he was up to in advance, has he willingly deployed Tussel and the headbot as a form of Trojan horse?

  2. Also intersting, note the stitches around the ladies eye, and the mechanical looking lines which pervade the iris. While this could be a hint as to why the Siren wears a mask, the stitching at least, looks very similar to that on Kindri (presumably as part of the extraction / conversion process). This might imply that the Siren was originally someone else’s ticket home.

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