Chapter 4, Page 88


Chapter 4, Page 88 — 5 Comments

  1. Hmm, so this tells us less about the nature of Tussel’s paradox (any number of ways his explanation could be flawed), and more that Corvus is relentlessly optimistic, dead, and believes himself quite durable thanks to the nanotech what raised him from the grave (that or a lot of time is going to have passed when they escape from Limbo). Also interesting to note that the obituary Corvus was shown does not seem to correspond to the explosion which sent them all to the Limbo, since he believes it gives him future knowledge of Tussel’s personal timeline.

  2. Wouldn’t the elderly Corvus be Future Corvus, having once been the younger Corvus? Then again, Corvus doesn’t seem like the type to perfectly grasp this sort of concept.

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