Chapter 4, Page 76


Chapter 4, Page 76 — 2 Comments

  1. Is that a Weasel Boy T-Shirt, or a Weasel Bunny one? Regardless it makes one wonder where Ghoti got it. We know chunks of the labs made the trip with him, maybe a gift shop?

    Ghoti’s comments raise another question. He’s been here countless years. However, time isn’t really a thing here. Is time still advancing in the “real world”, and if so, at what rate; or will the party, if they succeed in escaping pop back out into same moment which they left. (This seems unlikely, given that they would promptly explode, and that we had a view of events after said explosion, and that the Siren appeared to be watching the previous scene).

    • It’s a Weasel Boy nightshirt.
      As for how time is passing in the ‘real’ world? Well only time will tell!

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