Chapter 3, Page 71


Chapter 3, Page 71 — 6 Comments

  1. Oh man, how fun would it be if the mysterious Mr. Fish turns out to be a version of Dr. Ghoti. It’d explain the name, and the use of drones, and the super science.

    Almost certainly not going to happen, but it’s fun to make wild guesses.

      • Hey, people with insider knowledge shouldn’t be allowed to place bets!

        Unless, of course, you’re just talking about it to send us all off on a wild goose chase…

        Ooh, you’re a clever one.

  2. Ha ha, here in Australia there was a kids TV show in the 90’s called Lift-Off that had a chracter called Mr. Fish. He worked in the foyer of an apartment building and was a fat, bespectabled, unpleasant bureaucrat of a man who was always enforcing strict, petty rules.

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