Chapter 3, Page 68


Chapter 3, Page 68 — 7 Comments

  1. I was sort of hoping the SFX this time would be Warsaw to balance out the Krakow we had earlier.

    Given previous prompting, it seemed like this might be “The Frog”, but “Ironsquid” does seem more appropriate. Tussel is one sailor fuku away from this being a very different kind of comic.

    • I should list the various drones in the cast since they do have lines.
      And Ironsquid is catchy!

      • Hmm, if the Ironsquid is a drone as well then Tussel may have found herself in a frying pan / fire situation?

          • That is not the sort of thing one gets USED to.

            That is the sort of thing one gets RESIGNED to. Slight difference.

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