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  1. Even genetically engineered super soldiers have loved ones, apparently.

    One wonders how that works, actually. Since they’re cloned in batches, and are iterative (the line comment in today’s comic) do the same romances develop in each squad? One imagines some really quite heartless scientists could have run studies as to the best inter-group dynamics. “Trooper A will fall for Trooper B, who will tend to rush into danger, often leading to their death, resulting in 300% increased combat effectiveness for Trooper A after a brief morning period.” That sort of thing.

    • There’s tinkering, plus they’re not all the same clone. There’s probably dozens of models.
      However if they were all the same… then romance within the ranks would be kinda weird!

      I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I don’t think I’m my own type.

      • I didn’t actually intend to imply that they’re all the same clone; though played correctly that could be very funny.

        Anyway, from this and previous comics I assumed that there were, as you say, dozens of models, which had been cloned over and over again, with tinkering between the generations. What I was curious about was squad composition.

        Say you had clone troopers A, B, C, and D each of which is a different model. The comprise a squad, 1. There might, in another division, be a squad, 2, comprised also of clones of A, B, C, and D. It’s the age old nature vs. nurture question. Would intertroop romance in squad 1 tend to mirror the intertroop romance in squad 2? Assuming it did, could that be manipulated by the trooper’s minders to increase unit cohesion / effectiveness?

    • The cast page says he’s genetically augmented and enhanced rather than engineered. I’ve always assumed he was just a normal soldier who got “upgraded” rather than cloned.

      • To be honest, I’ve gone back and forth on what they are. In the end though, I don’t really think it effects the story at all.

  2. Different clones, different models, different purposes. Women make excellent infiltration and light skirmishers, and scouts. >.> Who is to say he didn’t fall in love with someone from the recon platoons? And now, I must search him out and give him a hug, cause a hunch I had was proven right, and he ain’t such a douchnozzle after all. 😀

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