Chapter 3, Page 55


Chapter 3, Page 55 — 5 Comments

  1. Her paradox energy… would you say that it’s more or less than 9,000?

    Background Cat looks a bit the worse for wear. I imagine the rending process leaves a few scars.

  2. Oh, just to note. Dr. Brawnly has a duplicate cast page entry. I’m guessing that the cast page works by tagging each comic with character names or something similar. The good Doctor’s latest entry appears to have dropped the period in the abbreviation, giving us a page for Dr Brawnly, as well as the historic Dr. Brawnly.

  3. I’m getting the impression that Tussel wouldn’t have been the vehicle for the apocalypse if it weren’t for being sent to this Limbo dimension… for that matter, she probably wouldn’t have so much paradox energy if it weren’t for being visited by three different futures like that.

    Closed self-sustaining time loops, anybody?

    • Yes please! It’s so neat and tidy compared to the usual temporal paradoxes that leave me with a killer headache. >.>

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