Chapter 3, Page 53


Chapter 3, Page 53 — 1 Comment

  1. Hmm… judging from her response it looks like Tiber may be Linna’s kryptonite (well… him and pizza). Turnabout, it seems is fair play. From previous interactions, I suspect that Linna would have had better luck if she’d used a tersely worded command.

    Tiber’s phrasing is interesting: “I brought you here…” That would seem to imply that he knew what would happen when he activated the device. If that is the case, he may know more about their environs, and indeed how it might be possible to escape them then he’s letting on.

    From a narrative standpoint, it makes a certain amount of sense for Tiber to split the party at this point. Given his formidable stature, armament, and experience he would likely make short work of physical trials in the future. Since Chekov’s gun basically guarantees that the party is going to be touring the Siren’s fortress sooner or later, and said fortress is bound to have traps, his absence will make things more dramatic. Especially when he busts back into the plot (also presumably the fortress), Kool-Aid Man style, to rescue them from a predicament. (I don’t know that this will actually happen, I just love referencing the Kool-Aid man and his ability to bust into seemingly anything. Oh yeah!)

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