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Chapter 3, Page 50 — 6 Comments

  1. Ahh Limbo… so that’s where my car keys keep getting off to. BTW, The Shadow did know.

    Either Limbo serves as a nexus between realities and Tussel’s lives in a multiverse(given that there is a continuity in which WWII turned out differently and then someone managed to subsequently loose the planet), or Limbo is where you go when you get paradoxed out of existence (The Darkness beyond Time?), or Tussel’s universe is subscribing to the anything that can happen, must, in an infinite universe (which is a lot like the multiverse concept except you can use conventional technology to travel between instances).

  2. Anybody else here ever read ‘The Adventures of Roberta’ by Canadian animator Munro Ferguson (who also used to do an odd little syndicated comic strip called Eureka)?

    The ‘Limbo’ there was essentially jail for anybody who managed to break the Laws of Physics. One astronaut got stuck there for a moving violation: he exceeded the speed of light.

    • The Universe has a near infinite number of planets… I’m sure a few fall through the cracks here and there.

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