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Chapter 2, Page 36 — 15 Comments

  1. Why would they need recycled water, I wonder? Her future is buried in snow, during it’s fifth decade of winter. The habitat in which the survivor’s dwelled should be warm enough to melt it, providing fresh water.

    I wonder if we can infer from this that the winter was nuclear in origin? Radioactive snow would be a perfect reason to stick with recycled. That would raise the question, what caused the fallout?

    Also, Linna should perhaps be careful. After a lifetime of malnourishment, her metabolism is probably primed to hold onto calories for dear life. Her waistline might not take a pizza-centric diet too well.

    • Cleaning radiation out of water is actually surprisingly easy. Water molecules themselves cannot be radioactive because their atoms (hydrogen and oxygen) don’t decay into lighter elements the way Uranium decays into other elements all the way down to lead. Fallout 3 would have been a lot easier to beat if anyone had remembered that all you need to clean radioactive water is a filter to catch all the heavy metal contaminants!

      Then again, filtering snow could qualify as recycled water. If it’s all you’ve ever had to drink in your life, coffee and soft drinks are a world of wonders suddenly opened to you.

      • Hmm, I had assumed that purifying water from radioactive elements was not a trivial procedure based on the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s strategy of attempting to capture the irradiated water running over the Fukushima reactor and storing it in an increasing number of holding tanks. This seems inefficient at best if treatment is really so simple as a filter. Of course there is a tremendous quantity of the stuff, so perhaps that’s the holdup.

  2. Something tells me these are not standard MoonCheese-Covered Food Circles. What are those menu items with small prices (although I would still like to try one of these ‘Pepperoins’)? I hope they are sides and not unauthorized additions.

  3. THe fact that the place is called the Pizza Trough and has a happy pig in a trough on its sign implies that regular animals co-exist among the anthropomorphic animals of this world. I can’t being to imagine the cultural and societal results of that.

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