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  1. Hmmm…..the third person to be sent back, the one from the “endless winter” was quick to try and calm Tussel down and shoo Colvar and Tiber out of the room the moment they made her cry…..that, coupled with Tussel being referred to by them as “The Distortion”, and the fact that Matilda seems to be a Seer leads me to think that Tussel is capable of altering reality/the future based on her emotional state; i.e. if she gets upset, then the future is made worse, if she gets happy, the future becomes better. I think Matilda might be aware of this, or at least in part, thus why she’s trying to keep Tussel safe and happy, i.e. taking her out to lunch for free in a way that seemed a little forced, only to later hear what could have been a car accident, possibly with Tussel having been the victim, or offering to take her on a trip to Paris.

    Thinking about the concept of temporal paradoxes, Tiber comes from a future where a war with another planet has pretty much killed everyone on earth, and he is sent to destroy The Distortion/kill Tussel….. results in her altering the future towards one where everyone is wiped out by violence.

    Colvar comes from a future where conformity is enforced through what I would guess to be brainwashing in an cultist/Matrix manner, and he is sent to alter The Distortion/Change Tussel…..which results in a future where everyone is altered to match a uniform standard with no deviation.

    The third one (since I haven’t seen her name stated yet) comes from a future where pretty much everything is just going blank-dead in unending winter, but instead of someone being sent back to do whatever, she steals the ride to the past in order to solve The Distortion/understand and help Tussel, which might actually result in an alternate future from the three, or could still end up resulting in her future (because paradoxes).

    This is turning out to be a very interesting read, not even half-way into what’s published so far, with still more being worked on. I’m always a fan of the Temporal Paradox/Alternate Future idea when it’s made to actually make as much sense as possible, considering it’s something beyond our current ability to comprehend (instead of random stuff happening every which way and “Space-Time” is given as an excuse for plot inconsistancy). ^_^

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