Chapter 2, Cover Page — 5 Comments

  1. The site is really wonky for me. After repeated tries, the cover page shows up. Then page 17 won’t show. Page 17 eventually changes to page 18. Page 18 turns into page 19. Was this designed for a different browser? I am FF 37.0.2.

    I’ll hit next, and instead of an image I’ll get a hyperlink to the page that is supposed to display. When I click on the link, it may show, or it may change to the hyperlink for the next page, OR it may just show the comic for the next page. Seriously wonky. The comic looks great, but it’s really hard to read…

  2. Okay, seem to have figured it out. Had to close FF, clear the cache and reboot. All seems well now. Thanks, tho. 🙂

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