Before: Shanin


Before: Shanin — 4 Comments

  1. Hmm… given Creepy’s age in this, and the fact the Bioweapon program is only at level 2, is Creepy something like Tempest’s mother?

    Before: Tempest makes them seem quite friendly. And if Creepy was hired during the Class 2 development, with ideas for 3, it’s hard to see her keeping her hands off the 4th generation.

    • She’s had her hands in Tempest’s augmenting. I imagine their relationship is more akin to sisters. At this point Creepy is early thirties and Tempest is biologically mid twenties.

  2. substitute “Cthulhu” for “Gregor” and you’ve got my daughter…
    the only kid i know that was upset the Wolf didn’t get pork chops for dinner and could say “Daughters of Cacophony” correctly at the age of 3 (and actually knew what it meant).

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