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  1. Given the previous page, the obvious answer to “who’s in the tube” would be Derrum, but the timeline doesn’t line up. Jelli’s bio establishes her as an 18 year old college drop out, and she’s new to her job, which means both that Dr. Boon does quick work and that Derrum showed up some 13 years before the tube is set to open.

    Interestingly, Jelli here, and Jelli in the previous page are actually in the comic’s past (since the Green Lady is already fully operational by the time of Lakkat’s tale). How far is something of a question. The Green Lady was established in 2229, and the current story takes place sometime in first half of 2300. However, Derrum speaks of the bar as if it’s a franchise, so that may be the franchise inception date, rather than this particular location.

    All of which is a long way of saying that we may be some ways away from finding out who is in the tube, unless the Winter Prime branch of the Green Lady has been open for some time, in which case we may have already met the entubed.

    • I honestly have no idea who could be in the tube, but it doesn’t hurt to have a tube with a mystery character sitting around. You never know when one could come in handy!

      I got up off the couch and looked at my timeline! Winter Prime was also founded in 2229. What a coincidence. I’ve also added that Derrum opened his in 2331. Jelli was fourteen at the time of this story, so we need to jump back from there.

      It should be noted that the time is must be going by the Earth calendar, otherwise Prof Gareth plans on still being there in fifty two years, which I imagine he is not.

      So the tube will be opening in 2040. Four years after the current story, unless my math is off.

      Can I will be 37, Panna 16, Lakkat 26, and Jelli 27.

      • Sometimes it’s fun to just toss out dangling plot hooks to yourself. It helps make the world look bigger by implying there’s a lot more out there, and sometimes later on you realize that gee, you have this right here that you can use. Sometimes ‘Chekhov’s Gun’ works just because something added for colour happens to be in the right place to use.

        (I wrote a cyberpunk story in a serial publication where no less than three different things and two characters that were only added in earlier chapters because they seemed like neat ideas at the time later ended up being critical to the climax of the story.)

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