Character Page Updated

Thanks to my tech support team (aka my wife) finally figuring out how the CSS works to generate a cast list, we now have a functional Cast page, complete with character thumbnails and short bios.  Go check it out and make “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” sounds of amazement.


Character Page Updated — 15 Comments

  1. Tussel sees the tentacles and thinks: “I think I read a fic that went like this once…”

    Nice to hear that Linna made it without incident.

      • Nothing, and I mean NOTHING escapes Dr. Nesbit for long…Why, I remember once, trying to hide that box of donuts…I swear she tracked me across half the globe for those…and they weren’t even that good! O_O! In the end, she got the donuts, and I survived. Barely. That woman LOVES her donuts. She’s probably just off screen, lurking, ready to strike our resident fishy scientist…

  2. In regards to the latest comic and Corvus…”And the world…will be a better place…for you…and me…head to the past…and see?!”

  3. Ooookay this kinda creeped me out, big time. >.> But…I was kinda expecting it. That head wound just looked too ouchie.

        • Yes, but if one is creeper out by the entry wound they’re not going to like the hole in 4he back… and all the poor brain tissue between.

          • Nah looks like he had some repairs done, so unless theres like, half his skull missing, no real issues. >.> And it was the skeleton panel that creeped me out for some reason. Not the realization of the penetration of his thinking’ stuff.

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